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This training made me realize how much trauma I have built up from my job that I may have never fully assessed in the way that I need to for my mental health. It helped give me healthy ways to cope with this. It also gave me great ways to recognize when my co-workers, whether it is dispatch or any other responders we work with, are struggling with their mental health and great ways to approach them and help them get through it. Or to just get them to the help they need.  

Hayley Paige
911 Communications Specialist, Marshall County, IA
Course content is extensive and thorough; it addresses issues from perspectives ranging
from emotional to cultural.  The content is so rich that I will refer to it again and again. They
have a passion for the work that they are doing, and it is evident in the way they present the material. I have attended quite a few trainings in the 29 years I have been in the law enforcement field and this one ranks right at the top. 

Shelli Tedrow, Operations Manager
South Iowa Area Crime Commission
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